Robert LaFrance Remixes INXS

INXS was one of my earliest musical influences. So, it was a pleasure to remix this track from their Original Sin collection with guest vocalists. I took the remix in a more edgy/techy house direction. So if any of you play that format, I encourage you to take a listen. It was a real honor [...]

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Robert Miles “Children” 2011 Remix by Robert LaFrance and Nate Sherwood

I know you remember Robert Miles’ melodic masterpiece “Children.”  My partner, Mr. Nate Sherwood, and I just finished a 2011 remix which updates it for modern dance floors with a housey, main room style and a well-needed energy boost.  We feel like we’ve stayed true to the original but made it feel more in line [...]

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CT House Minicast 14-1: Mix from Nate Sherwood – NOW ONLINE!

Minicast 14-1: Another minicast featuiring an early night mix by Nate Sherwood and a promo for our next Get Mobbed party on 1-8-2011 at Elevate in New Haven, CT! CTHM invites you to a cage match to the DEATH between CT’s best HOUSE MUSIC duos: Robert LaFrance and Nate Sherwood vs. Mr. Bang Lee and [...]

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