Top 3 Tracks for June 2009

“Physio”(Original Mix) by Steve Nocerino [Mecha Recordings]
Take the gallop of tribal, quirky shuffled percussion, and an aggressive techy synth riff and you get the vibe.  The swift devastating breaks take this track squarely into peak hour tweaker territory.  Found at

“Can You Relate?” (Slam Remix) by Samuel L. Sessions [Soma Records]
Label owners, Slam, answer the question pondered in the track with a suffled bass groove that gradually progresses with eerie synth pads, white noise snares, and general chaos into the familiar vocal wondering “what happened to the underground”.  Found at

“Smell the Wood” (Original Mix) by Matteo DiMarr [MAR186]
Matteo threw everything and the kitchen sink into this – african drums, chanting vocals, wind-ups, huge tension-building breakdowns – all anchored by a techy, bass-heavy groove that demands consideration as the climax of your set.  Found at

– Robert LaFrance

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