Top 3 House Tracks for March 2010

“Devi8or” (Original Mix) by D. Ramirez [Slave]
The man with the best hair in dance music releases an all-out stormer of an EP. The B-side is “Devi8or” with an evil male vocal, heavy bass, punchy percussion, and drops that will build and build into a frenzy. A brilliant production of pure peak time madness. (not yet available for purchase but you can listen here)

“Keep Off” (Original Mix) by Adultnapper & Mr C. present Sycophant Slags [Poker Flat]
These two quirky individuals team up to prove 1 + 1 = 3. Adultnapper lays his typically unconventional minimal funk foundation for Mr C.’s haunting, snake-like vocal performance. Together, they make an indelible fusion which will have you humming “sky’s the limit” while you peak at the equally striking video.  Listen and purchase legally right now at

Ryan Crosson

“Something In The Way” (Ryan Crosson Remix) by Kelly Johnston [Culprit]
The dubby synth pads that kick this track off provide little inking of the pounding tech-house to come. But ultimately those atmospherics are skillful combined with trippy vocals, aggressive acid-flavored chord stabs, and heavy bass. Make sure to play the full 7 plus minutes of this one!  (not yet available)

– Robert LaFrance

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