Top 3 House Tracks for May 2010


“San Trope” (Oxia Remix) by Mihalis Safras [Material]
Deep, dark bass is accentuated by bongos and other acoustic percussion on this outstanding journey through some of the finest music “house” can offer. Humanizing vocal stutters, spacey pads, effects, and a delicate melody send it over the top. Don’t miss!
Download now at or check out the YouTube video:

“Into A Deep” (Original Mix) by Stojche [Dogmatik Records]
A dubby yet bouncy vibe permeates with just enough repetition to verge on psychedelic and just enough melody and keyboard stabs to fall on the darker side of deep. A perfect early mover to get the feet moving.
Available Soon.  Preview below on SoundCloud:
Stojche – Into a Deep by Stojche

“No Pressure” (Original Remix) by Tomas Malo [Architech Records]
“I wanna go a whole lot deeper!” exclaims the sample but not deep enough to make this predictable and generically jazzy. With its techy influenced drums, effects, and deft production, this falls in the sweet spot for groovy and artistically challenging yet still eminently accessible.
Available soon. Preview below on SoundCloud:
Tomas Malo – No Pressure by Architech Records

– Robert LaFrance

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