Top 3 House Tracks for January 2010

“Jawbreaker” (Original Mix) by Ascii.Disko [Body Function]
The straight-forward house beat that sets this in motion offers little hint of the punishing energy to come. The incessant rising synth riff builds in layers and layers until the break where it becomes all-encompassing then bangs into a monster groove.  Found at

“Space Oddity” (Maher Daniel Remix) by James Teej [My Favorite Robot Records]
Using only a small portion of the lyrics to this David Bowie cover, Maher Daniel is able to make this track his own.  A perfect mid-set, well-paced track with gliding bass, plenty of white noise sweeps and mellow middle interlude to ease the tension and up the class.   (not yet available)

“Sinful Ladies” (Original Mix) by Umek vs Jay Lumen [Great Stuff Recordings]
The complex percussion poly-rhythms and syncopated keyboard stabs keep you on the edge of your seat begging for more.  Then, the drop introduces some happy melodic bells and flute – but don’t be fooled – “Sinful Ladies” never goes soft on you.   Found at

– Robert LaFrance

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