Top 3 Tracks for August 2009

“Rose Rouge”(Vocal Edit) by Analog People In A Digital World [Ultra]
A nostalgic jazz sample featuring a sax solo along with stand up bass and an uplifting vocal comprise the break of this track. A tough, distorted bass groove makes up the beat. And the disparity between the two make the track! Found at

“Flonko” (Version 1) by Steve Angello & AN21 [Size Records]
Sometimes beauty is in simplicity. Flonko contains little more than a carnival-style woodwind sample and a galloping tribal beat. But sometimes that’s all that’s required to truly rock a dancefloor as evidenced by this track’s appearance on all the big DJs playlists. Found at

“Bateria” (Vinyl Mix) by DJ T. [Get Physical]
From magazine publisher to member of the famous Get Physical collective, you’d be hard pressed to find a DJ with a better ear for techno. And his original tracks show this expertise. Basteria is an energetic, percussive workout with micro vocal edits and heavy bass – a surefire win for the floor! Found at

– Robert LaFrance

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