Top 3 Tracks for July 2009

“Town of Sorrow”(Mic Newman Remix) by Bertie Blackman [EQ Records]
A mysterious, sultry vocal is the centerpiece here.  Vocal snippets, rich bass, and mellow techy overtones develop into a meandering break where Bertie takes us on a strange and wonderful journey. This is raw, emotional, sophisticated house music. Found at

“Swahili Song” (Original Mix) by Baldo, Marshall [303Lovers]
Release your inner “Lion” with this African percussion romp with the swing and snap of minimal.  The driving, head bobbing groove builds to a break with an all too familiar sample that is sure to peak ears and move feet.  Found at

“Yes Maam (All Nite Long)” (Trentemoller Remix) by Visti & Meyland [NEWS]
Nice to see Trentemoller back in dancefloor friendly mode while still maintaining his reputation for cutting edge production.  He takes the quirky percussion and call and response African American vocal from the original but adds enough off-kilter bass and keys to keep up with current stylings. Found at

– Robert LaFrance

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