Top House Tracks January 2011

“El Tattoo” (Original Mix) by Jeff Mason & Chris Vench [Dirty Deluxe Records]
Dirty Deluxe is peaking right now with another solid, tech groover. This one lays off the acoustic drums in favor of mangled guitar samples and superbly processed vocal snippets. The well-timed break is makes the pounding beat rock even harder.
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Jeff Mason & Chris Vench – El Tattoo (Original Mix) available now on Dirty Deluxe Records by DirtyDeluxeRecords

“U Know” (Original Mix) by Jet Project [Snatch! Records]
This duo of Timmy Stewart and John McIver keep things minimal and hypnotic with a straight ahead house beat and a nagging bass line. The soulful and familiar male vocal (think late 90s R&B) drives the track along with some leftfield synth flourishs.  
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SNATCH! 010 JET PROJECT E.P. by SnatchRecords

“Hello” (Original Mix) by Martin Solveig and Dragonette [Big Beat Record]
This song wins the award for catchiest vocal of the month. The 80s influence is undeniable with a Go-Go-ish beat and nasally female vocal. Given current trends, the underlying house beat will definitely appeal to a wide audience. Good luck getting this out of your head!
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