Top House Tracks November 2010

“Umbungo” (Original Mix) by The BeatThiefs [Big & Dirty Records]
This duo is finally boiling over onto the charts of the biggest DJs. Along with a roof
blowing remix from Chocolate Puma, the original twists this spoken work vocal to
the point of insanity over an equally frenetic rhythm complimented by a powerful
breakdown and energy whipping windup. Save this for peak time only, please.
The BeatThiefs – Umbungo (Original Mix) Big & Dirty Records by TheBeatThiefs

“Sweet Disposition” (Sonny Wharton Bootleg) by The Temper Trap [Unreleased]
Sonny takes a fantastic song, stays fairly true to the original but updates it for the modern
dancefloor a rich bassline, obligatory white noise, and a central break that will have the
boys dancing and the girls crying. Download for FREE here or
The Temper Trap – Sweet Disposition (Sonny Wharton Bootleg) by sonnywharton

“Can’t Stop The Feeling” (Rework Vocal Mix) by Jaimy & Jeroenski feat. Michelle
David [Fatal Music]

When Jaimy explores more techy territory, the results are often spectacular. “The
Feeling” contains enough vocal to be memorable but avoids the “diva trap” so often
found in main room house. Instead, J&J inject syncopated percussion into a driving beat
and chord stabs and keep the energy at maximum throughout. Found at

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