Claude VonStroke’s Blog Covers Hangover Cures and Tips for Running a Label

cvs_week1blog_p1Claude VonStroke, San Francisco’s tough to categorize dance music producer, is blogging from his current tour.  He takes on a wide variety of topics from hangover cures to tips for running an indie-dance label.

His writing style is breezy, fun and entertaining.  But most of all, the blog enlightens you to thinking behind the mastermind of classics like “Who’s Afraid of Detroit” and “Chimps.”


Paris is a magic city for me. Where else on earth can you get a shower in your hotel room that has a mosaic tile image of two lesbians making out? That and the little silver rubber duck and we’re all good. Also the guys who book me are second to none as far a fun loving party people with a good sense of humor. I always have an incredible time there and usually at the end of the night some epic quest for a fresh pineapple occurs.

Check it out here.

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