Eric Prydz Launches New Website


Mr. “Call On Me” aka Eric Prydz, Pryda or Cirez D, has announced the launch of his new web site

On the surface, it’s your typical Web 2.0 affair with a blog, forum, and twitter feed.  It includes a bevy of videos, audio mixes, photos from events, etc.  But, Eric is clearly attempting to monetize his online presence with the addition of a “Shop” in which you can purchase T-shirts and a “Music” section where you can buy tracks from his various labels.

While I certainly encourage the legal and direct purchase of music and even merchandise, I think Mr. Prydz may have gone too far down the monetization bandwagon by offering a large area of his homepage up for advertising to the highest bidder – who is apparently Apple.  It could be the implementation of said advertising consider the overall design of the site seems a bit dated and amateur.  But, I find the blatant top left placement of the ads cheapens the overall look and feel of the site and Mr. Prydz would have been better served actually writing a few blog posts rather than another meeting with an Ad rep firm.

Just my opinion…

- Robert LaFrance

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