Richie Hawtin debuts new Native Instruments Traktor Controller

For us house DJs who use Native Instrument’s Traktor software, a good controller is like a lead guitarist’s axe – an essential performance tool.  Without it, your focus is more on the computer than the crowd.

So, the video below featuring Richie Hawtin performing with a new NI-branded controller is an effective teaser for the release.  Especially since the video comes with no specs, we are just left to salivate over the possibilities.

Personally, since I’m using control CDs,  I would like to see a pint-sized contoller that seamlessly integrates with Traktor Scratch Pro and is focused on FX and Looping with the ability to control multiple decks with one set of knobs and buttons.  Those may be lofty demands but the box in the video hints at that direction.  Or maybe it’s wishful thinking.

See for yourself…

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