WMC Turns 25 (yawn)


Time to start the crash diets, buff up, and make the mad dash to book a hotel close to the festivities as the Winter Music Conference turns 25 this coming March 23 – 27, 2010 in lovely Miami Beach Florida.

The original and longest running dance music industry conference has the usual activities planned for the 2010 attendees:

  • Seminar and Panels covering many industry issues
  • IDMAs (International Dance Music Awards)
  • 3rd edition of South Beach Sessions (to create greater exposure for artists and ideas)
  • Record Collector’s Show
  • 12th Annual Ultra Music Festival

Here’s the rub…  The Conference needs to modernize!  The old lineup of seminars and panels is stale and lacks any incentive to drop the $250 or more on a conference pass.  With an abundance of non-conference related industry events, DJ sets plus the Miami sun, beach and other assorted eye candy, the official conference has some serious competition.  Often I find myself more inclined to get some “shut eye” than to attend a dry panel of pompous industry veterans pontificating over the latest wrinkle in the copyright law.  Consequently, I was disappointed to see that the WMC committee has decided to celebrate their 25th anniversary with more of the same.

How about they inject a little excitement into the lineup – a little sparkle and pizazz!  In an industry so dependent on new technologies - advanced LED lighting, breakthroughs in digital sound processing, laptop DJing, social media for promotion, DAWs, MP3, AAC, VST, CDJ – there is really no excuse.  How about some live demonstrations of advanced mixing techniques with big name DJs like Richie Hawtin? How about an interactive talk with The Swedish House mafia about how to make edits to take your set over the edge?  Or maybe a producer’s panel where Oxia compose a track for the audience right during the session (without an extra fee).  Of course, they should all be complete with Twitter updates, real-time blogs, and a live stream to the web so DJs who are unable to attend in person can pay a small fee to attend virtually.  Anything to make me say “Wow! I NEED to see THAT!”

So come on, WMC step it up and make me WANT to attend!

-Robert LaFrance

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